Chapter 3a: the motion- the position

The first formalism that has to be known in physics is the formalism of the motion. A formalism is associated with a certain rigorous mathematical method, defining symbols and rules that are commonly accepted, in the goal that everybody understands immediately the discussed matter. We will not be interested in the prediction of the motion nor […]

Chapter 1: Elementary physics – Introduction

Definitions and laws “One of the noblest desire of the man is to know the laws ruling the Universe, and those who contributed to enlighten some of the mysteries were always admired by their peers; they appear as privileged, wearing on them the divine light, a through centuries the generations gaze upon their indelible work […]

Chapter2: torque and angular momentum in circular motion

Definitions: the torque and angular momentum are defined as vector products of position, force and momentum. Suppose a forceacts on a particle whose position with respect to the origin 0 is the displacement vector . Then the torque “about the point 0 and acting on the particle,” is defined as: Now suppose the particle has […]

Chapter 1: uniform circular motion

When an object has a circular motion even though its speed is constant, it is nonetheless accelerating because according to newton’s 1st law: an object continues in its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted on by an external force. So if the object was to be free in space then of course it will […]