Chapter 1: Polynomials

Definition: A polynomial is an algebraic expression that is a sum of terms, where each term contains only variables with whole number exponents and integer coefficients Example: The following expressions are all considered polynomials:             X When we write a polynomial we follow the convention that says we write the terms […]

Chapter 3: eukaryote cell division

Cell division is incredibly tightly regulated (cancer  is described as an unregulated cell growth).In respect tothe cell division,there is a machinery that is a transitory state and this machinery is renewed every cell cycle. Key components of this machinery are: 1)      Spindle: is made of microtubules or cytoskeleton, centrioles, kinetochores and contractile ring. 2)      And […]

Chapter 2:the structure of biological membranes

The plasma membrane:Is the boundary that separates, the living cell, from its surrounding and exhibits selective permeability, allowing some substances to cross it more easily than others. Cellular membranes are fluid mosaics of lipids and proteins – Phospholipids are the most abundant lipid in the plasma membrane -Phospholipids are amphipathic molecules, containing hydrophobic and hydrophilic […]

Chapter 1: the fundamental units of life

 All organisms are made of cells –          The cell is the simplest collection of matter that can live (reproduce) –          Cell structure is correlated to cellular function. –          All cells are related by their descent from earlier cells   Viruses are considered not to live because there reproduction depends on other organisms How do we […]