Chapter 9 : carbanions in α of carbonyl

In the previous section, we discussed the possible reaction on the carbonyl group of organic molecules. The carbon is an electrophile and the oxygen is a nucleophile. Yet, the presence of a carbonyl can imply other processes. The hydrogen’s that are on a carbon neighbour of a carbonyl group, i.e. the carbon in α of […]

Chapter 8 : Reactions of elimination

A reaction of elimination is a reaction during which one molecule loses two fragments A and B as a neutral substrate AB. The two fragments A and B that are removed can be removed from the same carbon, in which case we talk about a 1,1 elimination, from two adjacent carbons (1,2 elimination or beta […]

Chapter 7 : Electrophile additions on alkenes and alkynes

The interest of electrophile additions on C=C liaisons is to transform two sp2 carbons into two sp3 carbons and to add a chain or a group on the existing molecule.  As two carbons are involved in the reaction, the addition of the new group can give several products, with more or less (stereo)selectivity. Moreover, the […]